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  HODENSHI BeiJing R&D rely on the superiority of BeiJin Hi-tec human resources to service our customer, we focus on providing the professional, easiness development tools, design platform and  microelectronics product solution to the embedded engineer, it would help customer to shortage the production lead time as well as improve the quality as we have many experience and best talents in this industry. we also help customer to upgrade and creative their product by providing the development tools, board, design model to reference, solution scheme, custom design and production service in the rapidly growth embedded market. We have advantage in turning the prototype into final product with shortest lead time as well as cost down. We have accumulate rich experience in embedded software/hardware development , and already achieve many success cases in automatic, consumer electronics, wired/wireless net work , industry control and intelligent instrument field.
    HODENSHI’s product include embedded development tools, development board, reference design platform, ARM platform, custom design and production, solution for terminal product.
   HODENSHI equipped with strong technical support from components select  to hard/soft ware design. Providing best service to customer always our first principle!

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Technical Support
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